Letter to the Editor:

“Will No One Rid Me of This Meddlesome Priest?” Save me from this babbling idiot... These were personal thoughts that should never be divulged concerning the words of the “great and honorable” Republican Michael Conaway. In the July 25th edition of the Comanche Chief, our Republican Congressman, while grabbing his pearls, charged Democrats with “Baseless Attacks on the Trump Administration.” Really? You mean to say that the 448 page Report by the Special Counsel that DID NOT EXONERATE Donald J. Trump, is a “baseless attack?” Did you even read it Mr. Conaway? Suzann Thompson is doing a terrific job writing about it and the Comanche Chief is generously offering space in their newspaper for this incriminating and very important Report. You are probably unaware of this Mr. Conaway, but Russia is still attacking us with respect to our elections and apparently you are one of the unwitting participants they target. It is anything but “Baseless” when the White House lies to American Citizens, encourages witnesses to defy subpoenas, and obstructs justice. If these are not grounds for Impeachment, they are certainly grounds for Investigation. Remember, Mr. Trump swore on the BIBLE to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America. And as far as explaining your “nay” vote for Criminal Contempt by A.G. Barr and Secretary Ross, history shows that you vote the way your bosses, Mr. Trump and Mr. McConnell demand.

“Partisan aggression”, seems to be a concern for Republican Conaway. He needs only to look at Republican Senate Leader McConnell and ask him about the Republican’s resistance on Bills. For example, Republicans in the Senate have twice in 24 hours blocked the advancement of Bills aimed at strengthening election security. If our 15 year Republican Congressman Mr. Conaway will not take the time to read the Mueller Report, perhaps he should review the performance of his colleagues in the Republican-controlled Senate. He would quickly discover that the vast majority of House Democrats’ legislation hit a dead end . Republican Conaway surly knows that the Republican Senate is better known as the graveyard, while Leader McConnell is dubbed the “grim reaper” of Democratic legislation.

“Real problems” you say. Let me repeat myself. The Democratic-controlled House is passing Bills, but the Republican Senate refuses to bring them to a vote, even important issues such as Voter Security, Healthcare and Infrastructure.

Representative Conaway, please get your facts straight when addressing the Constituents in your District. Your divisive and hyper-partisan rhetoric is not only corrosive, but insults our intelligence.

Thank you.

Debbie & Felix Laughlin

Proctor, Texas 76468

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