Dear Editor,

Perhaps it is worth noting that in 2003, the 11th U.S. Congressional District of Texas was redrawn with the sole intent of giving one political Party advantage over the other. Was that truly the intent of the Founders? Did the redistricting advance the great American experiment? Unfortunately, what it did was to marginalize ones vote and have an adverse effect on the Electoral College process. It also gave us arrogant public servants who govern with a self-serving agenda. Clearly, the redistricting of 2003 was solely about “winning” at all costs to keep power.

The fact is that in 2020, if the GOP (Midland / Odessa) chooses to place “Rin Tin Tin’s” name on the ballot, the dog would probably win. The good news is that Rin Tin Tin’s answers would be shorter than our current 16 year Congressman. The bad news is that the dog would rollover on command, just like Congressman Conaway. Therefore, when Midland / Odessa decides on our Congressman’s replacement for our Congressional District, I’m begging them NOT to install another annoyingly, pompous Demagogue who is willing to abdicate Congress’ oversight authority.

Thank you.

Debbie Laughlin

Proctor, Texas

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