Dear Editor,

Black Lives Matter. BLM. Who and what are they? Forest Watham nailed the subject in his July 2 letter to the Chief. I can only add some details. The mainstream media tells us BLM is an anti-Racist Movement aiming to correct the “systemic racism” of America which has severely oppressed minorities pretty much by its very existence. A number of the “oppressed” have weighed in on just how bad it is. They include multi-millionaire athletes, Oprah Winfrey, LeBron James, and Colin Kaepernick. Oprah is worth over $2.5 Billion, LeBron is the richest basketball player in history, and he and Kaepernick have in excess of Billion dollar contracts with NIKE which produces shoes from “slave labor” in China! It boggles the mind.

So, what is BLM and what do THEY say and do? BLM was founded by three women: Patrisse Cullors, Alicia Garza, and Opal Tometi. Two are self-described “Queer Activists”, and the other is a “Transnational Feminist”. More significantly, they are in their own words, “well trained Marxists” and they can prove it. So, do they talk and act like Marxists? They are against nationalism and patriotism. They intend to abolish the family unit. One of their city captains has called for the destruction of Christian stained glass windows and the pulling down of Jesus statues. So far so good. Other Marxist goals they are yet to announce are: Gun confiscation; Abolition of private property and inheritances; and government indoctrination of children, although some would argue they already have a good start on that. What are some of their direct quotes? “We are about gaining power.” “The mission is the abolition of the United States as we know it.” The nation is...”stolen land”. “When I hear someone say ‘ALL lives matter’ I want to slit their throats”. (Recently a 24 year old mother shouted “All lives matter” to a BLM group and was shot dead). Bet you missed that on the evening news.

So what have they done? Aside from the dozen people they have killed, whose lives apparently did not matter, they have destroyed upwards to a Billion dollars worth of property, not to mention the lives of the minorities who owned much of that property. They continue to destroy the careers of those who offend them; two more NYT editors, a San Fran museum curator who dared say they would continue to accept paintings by white artists, and a WVU campus police chief who had a “Thin Blue Line” flag in his house. In St. Louis about 400 of the BLM darlings broke into a private gated community on their way to intimidate a local politician who displeased them. The McClosky couple were eating on their patio as the mob came by and began yelling profanities and told the McCloskys they were going to kill them and burn their house down. Seeing some of the mob was armed, and fearing for their lives, the McCloskys called 911, and the police were not allowed to respond. They retrieved their own weapons, and the cowardly mob moved on. The police THEN came and confiscated Mr. McClosky’s rifle. The local DA has filed CRIMINAL CHARGES against the McCloskys. This is possible in America because the DA is one of many democrats financed into office by George Soros. Another classic example of BLM in action comes from the Portland branch, which is about half white with WOKE college types flexing their Marxist indoctrination. About half of these are female. Words cannot describe the degree of depravity in the scenes of privileged, young white females with $150,000 college degrees screaming profanities and RACIAL SLURS in the face of stoic black policemen trying to do as much of their job as they are allowed. Anti-racist movement? Right.

The ultimate irony is that America and its Constitution as amended, created free people from slaves. Marxism creates slaves from free people. Once Marxists gain power those who resist fall into two groups, those who go to reeducation camps and those who are killed. In the last century Marxism has killed over 100 million people. George Soros has spent $220 million on BLM so far. International globalist business is pouring more millions into them and the democrats are empowering them. As Mr. Watham said, it is time for more people to speak up. One might also consider serving notice on some cowardly elected republicans that it is past time to start pushing back.

William C. Ferrill III, Sidney/Carrollton

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