Dear Editor,

Before discussing the government response to the Wuhan, Chinese, corona, COVID-19 virus, an accurate perspective demands mentioning the West’s power elite who are generally identified as “globalists”, and who speak in terms of “global economy” and “global governance”. In their writings and speeches they refer to “The New World Order”. The mainstream media sometimes refers to them as “insiders” or the “Establishment”. In the past few years some of them have been called “The Deep State”. The globalists maintain that one world government is the only sane answer to ending wars. The world government, however, would be a socialist type dictatorship with them in charge. They have declared that a free and prosperous America is an obstacle to one world government. Ex UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown told a Harvard audience that one world government was the only way and that independent sovereign nation states were “evil”. This explains why the Establishment politicians, media, et al have been totally focused on removing Donald Trump from office before he was even sworn in. Trump is one of only 2 presidents in over 80 years who refused to be controlled by the Establishment. The other was JFK. I hate to even mention this without the space to further document it, but it is necessary to the primary subject at hand.

The globalists are funded by various major foundations and select multi billionaires, including George Soros and Bill Gates. Soros has backed many radical leftists for democrat offices and thereby changed the face of the party over several decades. Most recently he has been recruiting and funding illegal alien hoards from the South through various front groups.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation concentrated for awhile on a school curriculum which would better prepare students as a world citizen. ( Common Core.). There was push back, and after Texas outlawed Common Core in 2013 Gates changed his priority to the development of vaccines which would be mandatory in future pandemics. (He is also pushing tracking people through their cell phones in the name of health and safety). When Trump tried to establish a task force to investigate possible harmful side effects from vaccinations, Gates was able to stop it.

When the virus demanded attention in America, President Trump appointed a White House Task Force headed by long time government M.D.s Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birx. Based on computer models, Dr.s Fauci and Birx predicted one half of American would get COVID-19 with 2.2 million deaths. Government shutdown and “social distancing” were recommended by Fauci and Birx as a means to SLOW the spread due to anticipated shortages of hospital beds and respiratory ventilators. It was done. As the numbers failed to meet the predictions they were scaled down to 250,000, 100,000, and now, “maybe 60,000” deaths.

Over 6000 doctors have revealed that the drug hydroxychloroquine is giving major relief to virus patients. One doctor reported 700 straight successes with no deaths and no patient even needing a ventilator. Dr.s Fauci and Birx don’t want to hear this. They say this is merely anecdotal, since extensive tests have not been run. The way to go, they say, is an 18 month government shutdown while a vaccine is developed. This of course would destroy the economy and about 335 million lives. How many deaths would that cause? Fauci and Birx refuse to release their faulty computer models which scared the country into a shutdown in the first place. The virus is real and the death toll currently approaches 25,000, but why is no one pointing out that the normal flu season death toll is 20,000 to 60,000 and this year alone was 80,000? (And that is with vaccine). What do we do next time...just suspend the constitution, declare martial law and destroy the economy so we will be “safe”? It seems like we’ve heard this song before from the Establishment’s “man made global warming/climate change” crowd, and their faulty computer models. “Give up your prosperity and liberty and you will be safe”. A paraphrase of one of the Founding Fathers goes: “Anyone who gives up liberty for promised safety deserves (and will get) neither.”

There are some connections which might provide more enlightenment on the subject. Bill Gates is investing billions of dollars in vaccine development companies. A key company is MODERNA, Inc.. Dr. Fauci is a PARTNER with Gates in Moderna and has been working with Gates from at least 2017. They are working on the Fauci-Gates Moderna coronovirus vaccine (m RNA-1273). Another fund receiving billions of dollars from Gates and promoting the Gates agenda is the Global Fund. Sitting on the Global Fund Board of Directors is the other leader of the White House Task Force, Dr. Birx. Also, you can go on line and read Dr. Fauci’s loving emails to Hillary Clinton, applauding her work and celebrating their friendship.

Needless to say, the Establishment has President Trump in a bad situation. If he rides out the virus and the economy is badly damaged they will blame him for it and he will probably lose the election. If he opens the economy successfully he will be blamed for further virus deaths, and he loses again. Fauci and Birx will blame Trump either way and take personal credit for brilliantly reducing the final number. If all Trumps genuine faults were honestly listed, his disastrous inability to pick the right advisors would have to be close to the top.

Many Christians recognize in the signs of the times that so called end time Bible prophecies are being fulfilled on a regular basis. Please pray according to 2nd Chronicles 7:14 which says:


William C. Ferrill, III, Sidney/Carrollton, Texas

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