Dear Editor,

The excuse for the communist style riots taking place around the country was the killing of an unarmed black man named George Floyd by a bad cop in Minneapolis. The cop and his associates are now in jail awaiting trial for murder and aiding and abetting. This is justice in progress in a civilized nation of laws, but it is not good enough for the “social justice” warriors who used the situation to claim that policemen are murdering unarmed black people all over the country and committing “genocide” because of “systemic racism” in America. So what is the truth? The FBI publishes the facts each year. In 2019 during the course of 10 million arrests, police (both black and white) killed 10 (TEN) unarmed blacks in America. ONE was wrongfully killed and the policeman was prosecuted. (Ft Worth). The other 9 died while attacking the police! So, in order to strike a blow against this “systemic racism” in America, mobs of domestic terrorist rioters in Minneapolis looted, vandalized, destroyed, and burned a section of downtown. But wait. The rioters were black and white and the businesses they destroyed belonged to blacks and Asians. So what happened? First, the mainstream media totally avoids these facts. Then the democrat government of Minneapolis, along with the media, call the rioters “protesters”. In order to convince people with dictionaries not to believe their lying eyes, a democrat spokeswoman goes on TV to educate us. She tells us that “replaceable property” does not really count, and therefore the destroyers are only “protesters”. She does not mention (or care) that when insurance companies refuse to pay for property lost to riots that the minority business owners are ruined. And in the case of government buildings lost, just raise the taxes on the poor working fools who follow the rules and let THEM pay for it. This criminal insanity then spreads to major cities around the country, all ruled by long time democrat governments. Realizing the fix is in, the terrorists go on to demand de funding of the police and tearing down of historical monuments. “Good idea” reply the democrat governments and their media. Police around the country reported that the riots were organized and stacks of tactically located bricks were set out ahead of time for the benefit of the mobs. When the Dallas Fire Chief noted this and called for an investigation, a Dallas city council democrat called for the Fire Chief to be demoted or fired. This is totally consistent with the democrat politicians, their media, and their street thugs. “Disagree with us or speak unwanted truth to us and you are a racist and we will destroy you”. They will just as quickly destroy their own for the same reasons. A 20 year editor for the New York Times was just fired for daring to publish an article by Republican Senator Tom Cotton who suggested that if cities refused to protect themselves the military might need to be brought in. A similar thing happened at the Philadelphia Inquirer in the same week. It is not really about race or gender, or various “orientations” etc. It is all about being on board with their political agenda which is Get Rid of Trump; Seize Power; Destroy America as Founded, at any cost. It has already been noted in this section of letters that some cowardly republicans are not standing against this insanity. Their fear of the democrat media and the lobbyists that pay them off is greater than their fear of the voters who expected them to honor their oath of office. One good thing has come out of this however. They have shown us the cure to the Covid virus. You just need to be on the correct side of their politics. Parties cannot be held. Funerals and church are basically shut down, and businesses with too many customers are subject to lockdown. BUT you can riot shoulder to shoulder by the thousands and see a “martyr’s” funeral with 500 attendees and 400 reporters added to the mix and realize that Covid is really not a threat at all.

William Ferrell, Sidney/ Carrollton, Texas

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