Dear Editor,

It’s time for a hero’s story.

Let me tell you about a man who was a true American hero.

A man who loved America, his family and his God. He was a student counselor at the Phoenix Indian School and loved working with the youth. A man who served in the Marines in World War II and with the Air Force during the Korean conflict. This was a man who always had time for family, especially his children. A man I loved as a friend and his beautiful wife, Alicia, also a dear friend and a great cook.

May 5th, 1971 was his last day with us. He passed on my birthday and it broke my heart. That day we lost a true American. Weeks before he passed, he told me quietly, that Alicia and the children (the 8th born shortly after he was gone) were going to be all right when he was gone. I tried to laugh it off, but it was as if he knew, God was calling him home.

God bless the man I called friend, a true hero who lived a Godly life. Alicia received a letter from the president at that time, as her husband was a hero to family and Country. Albert V Estevane. A quiet, simple man. The kind of man who lived as a true hero. Kind and loving and always reaching out. We need more people like Albert. Who teach life by not words, but by example.

May God bless all and give us more who live as Albert did.

Laura Hawkins, Comanche, Texas

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