Dear Editor,

If President Trump is accurate in his threat of massive round-ups of immigrants, I would ask that any ICE raid here in Comanche begin at my house. My family were desperate immigrants fleeing bondage, war, poverty, ethnic cleansing, and religious persecution. They had nothing of value, not even a basic education, but they felt that if they only had a chance to be free and have a place of their own things could be different. I’m proud to say they were right. My children are the seventh generation that have enjoyed the benefits of being free in Texas, and I would like to thank the Mexican government and people for welcoming us when we were at our most desperate.

Now the truth must be told and the consequences faced, my family never officially registered with the authorities, we were illegal immigrants. So, ICE do your duty.

I’m being slightly facetious, immigration is, has been, and always will be an issue in Texas, so we better learn to deal with it. There will be untold millions who will be fleeing from the equatorial regions in the coming years and we better have some competent, humane, and far sighted legislation in place.

In 2020 let’s all of us vow to vote for competent legislators and not for entertainers.

Make Government Boring Again!

Jeff Wendeborn

Comanche, Texas

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