The hypocrisy is undeniable, with a bizarre set of book-ends... Republican Conaway’s first boss and Texas’ favorite son 43, lied America into preemptive action in Iraq killing and wounding hundreds of thousands, while Conaway’s last boss pardoned the convicted “Blackwater” thugs that killed innocent civilians in Iraq. The well informed find Conaway’s self-righteous and sanctimonious sermon to his flock, laughable.

Mr. Conaway has the temerity to show his usual fake outrage on anti-choice and pro-choice issues. Yet he was remiss in explaining his insider trading scheme and run in with the Congressional Ethics Committee. As a result of being neutered by Dr. Hill, the National Security Council member specializing in Russia, Conaway was unable to address Trump’s reckless behavior and his “blight on humanity.”

Two final thoughts for the “retiring” Conaway, from a NON “Kool-Aid” drinking “constituent,” (1) Take your thirty-pieces of silver from Trump and the campaign, you have certainly earned it. (2) Review Proverbs 6: 16-19, “These six things doth the Lord hate...”

Sadly, the saga of the grossly gerrymandered, 11th U.S. District continues with the installation of Republican, Congressman-Elect, Lieutenant-Col. Pfluger. This moron actually asked Speaker Pelosi to investigate the most widely secured election of our time. I guess the replacement Oligarch believes the Trump-Cash-Cow is still available, as it was with Conaway.

On a lighter note, bravo to Ms Wells of the Comanche Chief on, “The Christmas Spirit.” AND may The Comanche Chief have a GREAT 2021.

A subscription is always a great gift idea.

Debbie & Felix Laughlin

Proctor, Texas

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