Dear Editor,

“Winners and Losers” of the 86th Texas Legislature (Texas Tribune 5/27) failed to mention the biggest losers. Countless unborn babies with beating hearts will lose their lives!

Almighty God, the Creator, who “giveth to all life” (Acts 17:24,25), declares in the Bible— “The life of the flesh is in the blood” (Lev 17:11 KJV). Circulating blood evidences life.

Georgia, Alabama, and other states passed uncompromised Heartbeat Bills, rightly criminalizing abortion as murder. The news media raged. Big business and Hollywood threatened boycotts. Texas’ governor, lieutenant governor, and legislature cowardly let them stand alone!

The Texas Republican political machine reeks of calculating duplicity. Candidates campaigned as champions for the unborn to get elected—mass-mailing emotional pictures of babies to constituents. Some even co-authored the Heartbeat Bill, knowing they would never have to vote on it. For cover, they elected trusted Straus ally, Dennis Bonnen, for Speaker. His avowed agenda was “real issues” (money)—not heartbeat or bathroom bills. Refusing to comment why, Bonnen assigned the Heartbeat Bill to a committee with an abortion-rights, Democratic chairwoman. Like executed babies in the womb, it died without a hearing (Prov 31:8)!

Ditto last session—The Senate passed a transgender bathroom bill (21-10). More than half the House co-authored one. Speaker Straus and his handpicked chairman summarily killed both.

“They overpass the deeds of the wicked [LGBT]…The right of the needy [children in the womb] do they not judge….Saith the LORD: shall not my soul be avenged on such a nation as this?” (Jer 5:28,29; Psa 9:17).

Michael Ellis

Belton, TX

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