Dear Editor,

Couple of interesting letters in last week’s paper. I have high hopes for the success of the domed stadium as it is going to be a reality. It’s success depends on bringing revenue producing events to our community. If that occurs than I have faith the challenges for places to stay for overnight guests will materialize. Much to work on and look forward to.

The letter concerning the council, EDC etc needs some clarification. The VFD issue was resolved and laid to rest several months ago. The writer was critical of the councils lack of long range planning.

There was and is a strategic planning committee thanks to the leadership of Mayor Mary Boyd. Due to some uninformed citizens lack of self control and poor behavior the committee lost a key member who has done so much for this community. The leadership of our mayor in this regard has been outstanding and courageous. The writer is incorrect that if the EDC secretary’s job was abolished the funds from sales tax would revert to the state. EDC stands for Economic Development Corporation. Comanche EDC has been in existence since 1996 and has a five member board of directors that are responsible to the city council. There is not an EDC Secretary title. The title of the full time employee of the EDC is Development Director. This person serves at the pleasure of the EDC Board of Directors. The mission of the EDC per their Mission Statement is: To utilize all available resources to retain and expand existing manufacturing, warehousing and industrial enterprises, and to recruit new business enterprises for the economic betterment of the Comanche community. I encourage all citizens to consider that statement and ask yourself if you believe that statement has been carried out.

The other letter in last week’s paper was from two very nice people. We just happen to be on completely opposite sides politically. Of course, I believe they are completely misguided and need to get some serious counseling. We have a president who has done more for this country in 3 years than any of the last many of both parties. They are just like so many that cannot accept that Billary, yes Billary, lost and they don’t like the way my guy says things. He doesn’t mince his words. But that is all I have to say for now. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND COMANCHE, TEXAS...

Marvin J. McKinnon

Comanche, Texas

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