Letter to the editor:

Reading the Mueller report is a futile effort in my opinion, so I pass. After the recent appearance by Mr. Mueller before the two committees, every citizen should be satisfied. If the Democrat representatives wish to continue their efforts opposing President Trump, I recommend they all vote in favor of articles of impeachment, requires a majority to pass. Of course rep. Al Green (D. Houston) has offered resolutions to impeach Trump three times already, in December 2017, March 2019 and July 2019, each failed, three strikes you’re out!

Remember, 31 Democrat members of the House voted for at least one of the articles offered to impeach Bill Clinton in October, 1998 including our congressman Charlie Stenholm, yes it happened. The Senate didn’t have the necessary 2/3rd. votes to remove Clinton, and similarly the Senate doesn’t now and likely will never have the votes to remove Trump, forget it folks.

Speaking of congressmen, our current one that is, Mike Conaway. He announced he is retiring, FINALLY! Goodbye and good luck to you sir, I voted for you once, the first time you ran and never again. Hopefully we the voters of the 11th District can get a real conservative through the upcoming primary process in March, 2020. I will miss your lame duck town hall on August 7th.

As to the property tax issue, a simple yet quite difficult to accomplish solution exists. Every concerned Texan must lobby our State Representatives, State Senators, Lt. Governor and Governor to push through an amendment to the Texas Constitution that does away with all property taxes. Replace property taxes with a broad based Universal Consumption Tax on goods and services at the lowest rate possible. Since everyone knows that the property tax is an antiquated, arcane and just plain unfair method of taxation, WE THE PEOPLE can be rid of it, FOREVER!

The two mass murders are not “tragedies” in fact they are atrocities, depraved acts of pure evil. Such murderers are not actually mentally ill so they can be held responsible by a court of law, the Dayton killer already got what he had coming by way of the police officers who were at the scene, otherwise there would have been dozens more dead. The El Paso killer will be tried for and no doubt convicted of multiple counts of capital murder, he shall have his day in court and be duly sentenced to death. No need for so called federal “hate crime” charges, the State of Texas will handle this situation without federal interference. All the calls for hurried new legislation must be ignored, taking away the rights of law abiding citizens will do no good, only harm can result. Lawlessness always brings about even greater lawlessness!

Brian Ayers

Sidney Texas

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