Dear Editor:

After reading the letter to the editor in last week’s Chief by a young man who graduated from Comanche High School, I felt obligated to express my opinion about the monument to the Confederate veterans donated to the City of Comanche by The Sons of The Confederacy in 2002 located on the courthouse square.

I have done extensive genealogy work on my family tree and have found that the Parker family was listed as some of the early marriages and settlers in Comanche County. My Grandfathers family came from Greene County, Georgia in the early 1800’s. This was the Peter Cartwright Johnson family. Young Peter Johnson was my Grandfathers Grandpa.

I have gone through many of the old cemeteries in Comanche County and The Sons of The Confederacy along with The Daughters of The Republic of Texas have placed Confederate flags on the tombstones of the brave men and women who fled to Comanche County in search of a new life which was being taken away from them in the South by Union soldiers seeking to tax the lands they had been given. Texas offered a new life with free fertile land for farming and abundant water and wildlife to survive in exchange for settling and protecting other settlers from frequent Indian raids.

When the Union threatened to come to Texas and tax their land they decided it was time to form The Sons of The Confederacy and fight for their rights.

After 4 years of fighting these brave men who had come to a new state to help stop the Native American raids and protect other families in a free state were defeated.

The young man who wrote the letter to the editor was a proud Comanche Indian and I am sure he proudly sang the school song singing loudly the last version, “in all Dixie LAND there is none quiet so grand as our own Comanche High School.” He is now living in Massachusetts and probably is not a frequent visitor to his hometown and has accepted the Union beliefs.

People are entitled to their own beliefs but by seeing all the Confederate flags located in the cemeteries in Comanche County I am proud of my Rebel heritage and thankful for the sacrifices my ancestors gave so I can live in freedom. In my opinion, those monuments honoring the Confederate Veterans of Comanche County is where it belongs on the Courthouse square.

As for changing the school mascot and name of the paper, I say to this young man I can tell you where you can put those old boots you have.

I would dare say over 70% of the citizens of Comanche County had ancestors who proudly fought for the Confederacy.

Robert Ormsby

Comanche, Texas

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