Letter to the Editor:

Thank you for this week’s theme, “Love America or Leave it!” Sadly, I am burdened with bearing the cross of enlightenment. The provocative expression, “Love America or Leave it”, is contrary to the very principles that our Nation was built on. For those who feel that making such a demand on others, furthers their depth of patriotism, let me offer a simple analogy. A son who “loves” his mother, learns that his beloved parent has been diagnosed with a malignant tumor. This presents a dilemma. Does he renounce and disown her, cutting off all contact? Or does the son offer the mother support and counsel? Thus, when our beloved Lady America has a malignancy on her soul, do we “Leave her”, or is it incumbent on concerned citizens to call it out.

At the ballot box in November 2020, we can remove the malignancy to save the Republic. “Love America or Leave it” is just another phrase that sounds “good,” like “MAGA”, “Lock her up” and “Send her Back”. Clearly, the sole purpose of this hateful rhetoric is simply to incite and divide. Regrettably, these chants say more about the chanters and their character, than true “patriotic” values.

Thank you.

Debbie Laughlin

Proctor, Texas

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