In an earlier edition of The Comanche Chief, there was along tirade again against the Comanche Appraisal District and the director concerning an elderly woman who failed to file her agricultural exemption as directed by state law.

One question not answered in the letter to the editor: “What were her children and grandchildren doing?” Everyone needs help from time to time and instead of complaining to the editor about the appraisal district, someone may need to report elderly abuse.

Earlier this year, the Texas Legislature held a hearing in Austin on property tax caps, the appraisal districts, and tax reductions. A number of readers would like to know if this individual went to Austin to testify concerning some of the problems he is encountering with the local appraisal district.

The local appraisal district is part of the State Comptrollers Office in Austin and must follow the state guidelines. The same format applies to the local post office that must follow the laws and regulations of the Washington office.

A frequent complaint in the various letters to the editor concerns issues over interpretations of the state statutes that are in question and how is the local appraisal officer failing to follow them? Please be specific in your future written statements.

For an individual who has to drive to Stephenville frequently, the new Dublin loop is a blessing not a nuisance as pointed out in a recent letter. If Comanche had built the South Loop years ago, the town square would not be diesel pollution central plus the Fleming Oak would not have suffered abuse by out of town tree cutters. There would be more space available for economic development and expansion of the local business tax base.

Many small towns do not want outsiders because they will disturb the status quo and upset the local political apple carts at City hall. As the old timers check out for the local cemeteries, there is not anyone willing to step up and take on the responsibilities of updating the local infrastructure and keeping the town moving forward.

Delbert Walters

Comanche, Texas

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