Dear Editor,

If you missed the short letter in the June 27th edition on page 6A, it’s worth a quick review. The Letter comes from Melissa Martin of Wheelersburg, Ohio and writes about the importance of print media and local newspapers. She is right on the mark about their value to the community.

We really are fortunate to have a publication like the Comanche Chief.

Two of several fact based, and very informative articles were Mr. Marty Wyatt’s

“Astronomically Speaking” on Our Moon and Ms. Suzann Thompson on the Special Counsel Mueller Report. A note of thanks to Mr. Wyatt and Ms. Thompson for taking time from their summer to educate us and look forward to more.

Mr. Wyatt showed how the subject of astronomy is not only about the Universe, but about our universe, as well. Astronomy necessitates the various disciplines of science, such as physics, biology, mathematics, and chemistry. As human beings, our very existence and future depends on constantly learning and adapting. Thank you, Mr. Wyatt, for sharing your wealth of knowledge.

Ironically, the two front page stories in the Comanche Chief, July 4th edition, shows the complexity of our future. “Rains bring a bumper 2019 produce crop...” And just below that story we see, “Comanche County seeking help from legislators for several years of flood damage...” A good season for watermelon, versus the long term future of soil erosion, invasive weeds, swarms of pests and other crop failures. Perhaps the fragility of our planet is greater than what our parents and their parents were taught.

Speaking of education, Republican Conaway continues with his practice of the “Divide and Conquer” strategy. Sadly, our Republican Congressman returns to his hyper partisan rhetoric in his chronicle, knowing it will continue to work on his flock. After all, it has kept him in power for fifteen years and will probably do so for another fifteen years, or as long as he doesn’t speak poorly of his boss, Republican Trump.

It is a bizarro state when you have an eight term Republican crucifying Democrats on spending, considering what has happened during the past few years. The silence from Republican Conaway was deafening when the Republican President shutdown the Government, costing $11 billion. Republican Conaway didn’t seem to be concerned about the tens of million spent on golf outings, or the Republican President’s frivolous court cases, appeals and defense of potential “Emolument” violations. Republican Conaway was certainly quiet on the foolish and imprudent spending of Trump Cabinet members. Are we really that naive and gullible?

I’ll take the wisdom and teachings of Mr. Wyatt and Ms. Thompson anytime.

Thank you.

Felix Laughlin

Proctor, Texas

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