I am the one who has been questioning what is going on with our Comanche City Council. And yes I am the one who also ran for mayor in 2019. Where 2500 registered voters in the city of Comanche less than 400 people came out to vote that speaks volumes in itself. The purpose of the drive to replace our city council is not a vindictive move. The only thing I am guilty of is trying to get the citizens of Comanche to open their eyes and see all the destruction that this city council and previous city councils are responsible for.

At one time the city of Comanche had a street sweeper and then something happened, it broke down or whatever and the city council since then has not repaired it or replaced it. This is a willful act by previous and current city councils. And because this one piece of equipment has not been fixed or replaced has caused millions of dollars in damages to public and private properties and has created hazardous conditions and this city council has not addressed the issue as promised.

Let me explain myself even further. Years ago when the public walkways were put in, the landowners paid for them. Their property values went up by several thousand dollars which means they paid more taxes and the city promised to maintain public walkways.

Now the public walkways are city owned property. And our city leaders took an oath and swore to uphold the laws and maintain city property and prevent hazardous conditions and swore that the safety of its citizens and their property and public property comes first.

Now the city has destroyed the public walkways and to repair them they are going to want the taxpayers to pay again. This is what I am talking about, that is their doings that has caused this destruction not only to the public property but to private property home’s driveways. They have created dangerous hazardous conditions for pedestrians as well as vehicles. That is why I am seeking to remove Mary Boyd, Robert Cobb, Jeffrey Jacinto and Curtis Stahnke. Most of these people have been in there for years it should have already made a difference.

We voted Mary Boyd in expecting a change and as you can see nothing has changed when in fact it has gotten worse. For example the city just bought six or seven new vehicles, wouldn’t it have been better for us if we bought four vehicles and a street sweeper. It’s also my understanding that neighboring town’s have street sweepers that we could borrow but nobody has asked. We can no longer wait for change because of our city council’s decisions from past to present. Your property values have plunged by thousands of dollars just because the city has not maintained their own property. Why should our taxpayers pay for this wrongful deliberate act of destruction by city councils.

In closing I hope this helps you understand the importance of your signatures, to put this on a ballot, to vote to remove them from office.

Thank You

Mike Winslett,

Comanche, Texas

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