Dear Editor,

When our United States Army decides to charge a war hero with murder because he killed a Taliban bomber, who had killed many Americans in a war zone, it is clear we have some absolutely atrocious leadership and not just in the Army. The JAG(Judge Advocate General) is just one of the bad apples in this case.

Here are some facts to consider first. Special Forces Major Matthew Golsteyn is the good guy hero getting the shaft. Major Golsteyn received information about a Taliban bomber who had killed two American Marines. Major Golsteyn tracked the guy down and took him out. No telling how many American lives he saved by eliminating a known enemy combatant. For his efforts he received a general discharge but was not charged due to lack of evidence. Now the charges are being brought again.

Well my goodness, it would appear there are those who believe he violated “Rules of Engagement”. Those are the asinine rules made up by a bunch of pantywaisted, sissy congressmen along with left wing government bureaucrats that prohibit our fighting men and women from being able to fight a war. There are untold instances that our fighting Men and Women who are volunteers, have not been able to eliminate an enemy because they could be treated just like Major Golsteyn. Rules supported by the likes of a democrap congressman from Connecticut who lied about his serving in Viet Nam. He never saw the place. He was one of the self-righteous jerks who crucified Brett Kavanaugh.

You will not see this hero treated fairly on CNN, ABC,CBS or NBC if it is reported at all. Only FOX presented the facts. Major Golsteyn admitted to Bret Baier that he did take a guy out who is from a country and a part of the world that hates everything we stand for in the United States of America.

Here are the names of a few other heroes who are already serving time because they killed a sworn enemy of the United States but unfortunately did not follow the rules of engagement.

Navy Seal Chief Edward Gallagher

Navy Seal Petty Officer Anthony E Dedolph

Chief Petty Officer Adam C. Mathews

And that is only part of the story. To shackle our fighting hero’s and then treat them as criminals is a travesty. Copies of this letter will be going to Senator John Cornyn, Senator Ted Cruz and Congressman Mike Conaway. I will be shocked if any of them even see the letter.

Marvin J. McKinnon

Comanche, Texas

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