Dear Editor,

Jesus wasn’t born into this world merely to identify with us, console us, or even lead us. His mission was to die for us--to actually lay down His life as a spiritual payment for the wrongdoing we’ve done, so that we can be released from the penalty we owe. It’s His life for ours. He is our Christmas gift.

From the day He was born, Jesus was surrounded by the lowliest conditions and the lowliest people. Instead of worldly splendor and royalty, God chose a humble place and ordinary people to share in the most majestic happening in all of history. He was born in a barn and laid in a manger. The guest list was His carpenter father, His ordinary mother, shepherds, and probably some animals. The guest list didn’t include kings and queens. or the wealthy and most famous people--He simply didn’t come to associate with the rich, the famous, the religious, or the influential.

From the first cry in the manger, God wanted us to know that He was like us. There in the midst of a barn for animals and the straw covered ground, the Savior of the world breathed in the night air for the first time. His heart beat like ours--He was like us.

Jesus came for the hurting--for the sinner. He came for you and me. If you are broken, tired, ordinary or guilty, then respond to His invitation and find a new life in Christ.

Stanley Robertson

Carrollton, Texas

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