Letter to the Editor,

It was a good day on Monday November 22, as I came in the driveway, I watched a huge red tailed hawk fly deftly through the trees on the hunt for lunch. The beauty of the moment reminded me why I lived out here in the country.

I had just come home from Comanche County and the County Commissioners meeting where they denied Core Solar’s application for another hearing. This hearing was on the Reinvestment Zone for Tax Abatement on the Lamkin Solar project. At least now the company will be paying their fair share of taxes to the county. They are not in the Comanche School District so there will be no benefit to the school should they build. Now it will be interesting to see if they go to Hamilton ISD for a CH 313 Tax Limitation, we will keep watch on that.

Many of us work all our lives for our piece of land and just want to retire in peace and quiet. Then there are many absentee owners who inherit the land, or buy it for an investment and feel no tie to it whatsoever. These are the people, for the most part, the solar companies like to target, and it seems are easy prey.

At the meeting the tactics of the solar companies were discussed at length by the neighboring landowners, and it is not pretty. It seems universal among solar companies; they must all attend the same school of deceit and lies and turning neighbor against neighbor. I guess they feel they can divide and conquer.

It is these tactics that make you wonder just what is happening in the world today, or maybe it was always this way, whatever it takes to make a buck and at whatever cost. Whatever happened to morals, ethics and social considerations. After all aren’t we are all still part of this world we live in? Well maybe no, the solar employees go back to the corporate office, with a bonus waiting if they succeed. They get to go home at the end of the day and leave their obliteration of the land behind them, what they can’t see doesn’t hurt them.

For anyone wanting to find out more about the solar plants and their impact on the county, please come to our Town Hall Meeting on Thursday, December 9 at City Limits, Stephenville. It’s open to everyone wishing to join us and learn more. We have an impressive panel of speakers set up who will give their perspective and answer your questions. https://www.facebook.com/groups/erathcountystopsolarfarmshere

Joanna Friebele,

Erath County Land Owner and Tax payer

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