Dear Editor,

Evolution or intelligent design? Darwin’s Evolution Theory, gradual change. Intelligent design, sudden change. Intelligent design is science’s way of not admitting the existence of God. Evolution explains many things but it does not explain molecular life. Life is run by machines made of molecules. Molecular machines operate in cells to transport cargo along highways of molecules and act as cables, ropes and pulleys. These finely crafted machines create other molecular machines controlling every cellular process. Irreducible process is a system that is a simple as can be. A perfect example, a mousetrap. We have three parts. A piece of wood, a spring and the hammer. By themselves they are useless, but combined, well thank you.

An irreducible complex system we are all familiar with is blood clotting. A cut or scratch then we bleed but with little compression it stops. How? A protein called fibriogen about two to three percent of the proteins found in blood plasma. Fibriogen has cilia which we’ve all seen on TV and pictures of one cell animals swimming with the fibers. These cilia are what helps clot the blood. Fibriogen does nothing until another protein, thrombin, slices off pieces of the fribriogen exposing sticky ends which form a web and clot the cut. Now if these proteins were all that were involved the clotting would continue till death occurred.

Thrombin exists in active protein called prothrombin until it is needed. A protein stuart factor at the point of injury cuts the prothrombin releasing the thrombin so it cuts the fibriogen to form the clot. There are two molecular routes- intrinsic and extrinsic. Only one activates the stuart factor to affect the prothrombin. The protein that activates the stuart factor is convertine. It can only be activated by another protein called tissue factor which only exists in cells that have no contact with blood. An injury in the skin (tissue) enables the convertine to start the process. It is difficult to imagine how this evolved in small steps considering the complexity of the clotting process. No one at Harvard or the American Academy of Sciences can explain how this irreducibly complex system came into being. Biochemical systems were not designed by nature, by chance or necessity. They were designed by an intelligent designer who knew that what the system would do before it was made. Thank God.

From an article by Michael Bette.

Forest Watham, Comanche, Texas

Letter to the Editor,

Since August last year the work to stop the county and school tax abatements for the solar facility proposed in Erath County has been a long journey. First the County Commissioners unanimously denied the abatement and now next Tuesday at 5:30 we will be again asking the school board to deny the Chapter 313 tax limitation agreement too. Chad Elms, one of the school board members, has publicly come out against the abatement and he feels it is time to vote and move on. Another member has been vocally opposed to the abatement since the beginning too.

No one I have personally spoken too, except one, is in favor of the tax abatements or the solar facility being built. The rural agricultural land in many of our counties is being gobbled up as an alarming rate by these solar companies as they quietly move in and try to take us all by surprise. Now the tide is turning, and many are becoming more educated and aware of the risks these companies pose to our communities.

This solar industry is unregulated and there is only one law about decommissioning that doesn’t have much power. There is not much in the way of protections for the communities they are located in here in Texas, or elsewhere.

To date there has not been one built without the Chapter 313 abatement, so we are hoping this will stop the building work and they will leave our land alone. It will be unfortunate for the Elliot’s, they will not see the money they were promised from the project, but fortunate for all the neighbors and the community who will not be adversely impacted by the thoughtlessness of their neighbor.

We are asking you to join us at the School Board meeting at 5:30 on Tuesday Jan 18, at the Bond Auditorium, on Overhill Drive in Stephenville. If you live in Erath County, this will affect us all, if you live in another county that has been affected by solar facilities then this your chance to voice your opinion too. We hope to see you there.

Joanna Friebele, Landowner and Taxpayer, Erath County

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