Yes, Saturday, December 8th was the time of our annual Christmas Open House at the Comanche Historical Museum. And yes, the weather was just a little wet which kept some people from visiting with us. But we had excellent food and goodies, our band the Class of ‘57, and I am going to hit on the highlights here for you.

First of all, our band! This was the 14th year that John Kirby and his band, the Class of ‘57 had been at our Christmas open house. The original band members were John Kirby, Hoazce Hounshell, Jack Boen and Mac Pyburn. This year, Horace Hounshell is in the Brownwood Hospital very ill. Jack Boen and Mac Pyburn are both unable to play. So John picked up some excellent musicians from the Cross Plains area. They were Charlie Bulsterbaum, James Ggoblr and Randy Strickland. They knew every song that John sang and there was many Christmas songs mixed in. Wonderful! And our crowd enjoyed them so much.

Our volunteers brought in so many goodies. Several tables were covered up and everyone just went by and helped themselves.

After the halfway mark in the program our good friend Mac Pyburn acted as auctioneer, assisted by his lovely wife Pam, and auctioned off several pies and cakes that were not cut for the dessert table. Several people paid for their winner and then added the pie or the cake back into the mix. It was so much fun and Mac did a wonderful job, as always.

My dear sister, Maxine Burns came up from Austin for the weekend, and enjoyed all of the festivities. She is almost a member of the Museum group. She is good friends with Russ Bragg and his wife, Nancy in Austin. Russ’s Dad, Rex Bragg, grew up in De Leon, and passed away July 2018. Rex had a wonderful picture of downtown De Leon. It is a long picture, probably about 36 inches long and Russ had it enlarged and brought a copy to the Museum for our De Leon room. Nancy Bragg’s brother, John Woodard is pastor of the First United Methodist Church in De Leon. John was at the Museum Saturday afternoon and we enjoyed meeting him so much. I asked him if he knew Rae Jean Hasty in De Leon. Rae Jean and her late husband Jack were members of the First Baptist Church in De Leon and John said he had met her and that she was a resident of a nursing facility in De Leon. I was happy to know that and I will be sure to go and see her soon.

Another visitor that I enjoyed meeting so much. this was Felipe Zamora of Mexico. He was in Texas doing work on his thesis, and this was on the Spanish and Indian treaties that were in place. He was such a fine young man, I didn’t know about his subject, but I talked to him as long as I could, and would have liked to visit longer. Good luck, Felipe on your work.

Our children’s area looked so pretty, all dressed up with Christmas decorations and lights.

Several children were here and we invite everyone to bring their children by the Museum to see all of this. And, by the way, I brought in the first book for the Book drive. Bobby Lane and I placed this under the tree, it was a pretty cedar tree, such as we might have had when we were growing up. This is a book drive with the Museum and several other groups are taking part. This will continue until December 14th. Please remember to bring items by the Museum for this.

At the Museum break, I got on the mike and did a little bit of fun. One thing I told the group that yes, I am a country girl. “Hey, look at me, listen to me talk, I am country and proud of it!”

I completed the little verses about being a member of GRITS, this stands for GIRLS RAISED IN THE SOUTH. And again, I was privileged to read the story of my dear sister, GENEVA MERCER, who told about being four years old, and seeing her first Christmas Tree out at the Pettit school house. I hope that these two things made people remember about their childhood.



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