Please read this to your children and grandchildren. I wrote this several years ago. Yes, I was on a writing spree. I was writing songs with a man from Nashville, Tennessee, and having a wonderful time. I wrote stories, poems and I will share this story with you today. WHAT DID TURKEYS DO ON THANKSGIVING DAY?

“The Turkey’s Thanksgiving”

Mr. Tom Turkey, his wife, Mrs. Ima Turkey and their 6 little turkey children lived out in the country on a farm. This farm was very nice. They had good food to eat, lots of clean water to drink, and at night they had a nice turkey roost for them to sleep on. The family that lived on the farm was very nice people. They worked very hard. There was just one thing wrong, they liked to have “Turkey” for Thanksgiving dinner. Oh no! We should not say that in front of Mr. and Mrs. Turkey.

Mr. Tom and Mrs. Ima Turkey were very worried about Thanksgiving Day. They knew the family liked to eat a good turkey dinner that day, and they didn’t want to be part of that. They didn’t want their turkey children to be scared and so they talked to each other very quietly.

Mrs. Ima told Mr. Tom that it was just a day or two before Thanksgiving and that she was so worried. Mr. Tom told her, “Now don’t you worry. I’ll think of something.”

Early on Thanksgiving Day, Mr. Tom told Mrs. Ima to get the children ready. They would all go to the pasture to spend the day. So Mrs. Ima dressed the turkey children in their warm sweaters, and they were ready to go.

Then they started out, with Mr. Tom in the lead, then Mrs. Ima and behind her were all of the turkey children.

When they reached the pasture, they couldn’t believe their eyes. There were so many trees with beautiful leaves of every color, brown, red, yellow, green and gold. The leaves were falling from the trees very gently. The sky was blue, it was nice and cool, and the best day they had ever seen.

The turkey children played and played. They piled up leaves, and jumped on them, and rolled and tumbled, just like children would have done.

Mrs. Ima Turkey had brought along a basket of good corn for lunch. When they were hungry, she opened up her basket and they all had good, golden grains of corn to eat. Then, they all wanted to take a nap. Mr. Tom and Mrs. Ima leaned up against a tree trunk, folded their wings and took a nap. So did all of the turkey children.

Late in the afternoon, they all went back to the farm. They said this was the best Thanksgiving Day they had ever had.

But, what about the people who lived on the far? What did they do? They didn’t have turkey to eat, did they? No, no.

Do you know what they did? They went to McDonald’s. The big M!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!! Everybody clap your hands!!!!! They had hamburgers, fries, and lots of chocolate milk to drink. After that, everyone had an ice cream cone. They said that was the best Thanksgiving Day they had ever had.

When the turkey children grew up, they told their children about this wonderful day and what a good time they had had.

And the children on the farm told their children about it, so every year, they all shared Thanksgiving Day in the same way.

The end!!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving and visit the museum!

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