2021 has started on a surprising and beautiful Friday morning. Comanche folks were greeted with beautiful snow. I observed almost immediately that there was a change of attitude among Facebook friends. It was as if the blanket of clean white has erased a lot of the gloom and dread that covered our community and replaced with an optimism and hope that we certainly welcome so onto 2021! Revitalize Comanche group always has a list of work to do, moving toward a goal. This year we are excited to work on the land directly behind the old jail, owned by Chris Jill now. Plans are still in the works for a park that will be enjoyed by the community. As most know, we are all volunteers and have made remarkable things happen. We look forward to another creative adventure. If you like working out of doors, have an interest in recreating history, do not mind getting dirty… come join the heritage park team. We have a cabin already on the property. Cabin was moved from Newburg area, representing over a hundred years of settlement in Comanche County. Gary Easley will head up the park project construction team. Landscaping will also be a priority, especially this summer so if you have a green thumb, come by to look it over.

The Homestead Hall educational classes will begin again in small student numbers until its safe to be more in close participation. Classes pending are Valentine Cut Out Cookies, Easter Deco, Sewing and anything else someone would like to request on or even teach. The Homestead Hall is a great facility, remember it for classes and gatherings. The Paper Girls meet every Thursday, making party favors, gifts and fun things for the community. This group has become not only a class but almost a support group. Need to extend your social life? Join Annette McCarty and the Paper Gals on Thursdays at 2 ish!

If you have any questions about Revitalize Comanche, Comanche Mercantile, Homestead Hall, Soda Shop or Heritage Park please call Beth Martin 325-356-0037 or drop by Tuesday through Saturday to the Mercantile to ask questions.

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