STEPHENVILLE, Texas – Stephenville resident Cody Johnson has officially launched his campaign for Texas House of Representatives for District 59.

“We need representation that reflects our district, our values, and our way of life,” said Johnson, who still lives on the same ranch where he grew up, just outside Stephenville.

“I see a huge need for representation of the men and women of rural Texas, many who make their livings on farms, ranches, in and out of rodeo arenas, and in the equine industry.

“When it comes to the Texas Legislature, there’s a real shortage of cowboys.”

As a businessman, rancher, and rodeo performer, Johnson understands the needs of rural Texans, as well as what is necessary for them to succeed. Over the past three years, Johnson has grown his business, Twisted J, from a small boutique shop employing just three people to a clothing line and live music venue employing more than 100.

“I’ve built my businesses on seeing a need and filling it,” Johnson said. “When you look at who is currently making the laws about rural Texas, from agriculture to rodeo to the equine business, all you see is a lot of doctors and lawyers. Nothing against doctors and lawyers, but the men and women who put food on the table for all Texans deserve their own seat at that table when laws are being made.”

Johnson also stressed the importance of having a true conservative representing District 59.

“We live and work in the most conservative part of the most conservative state,” Johnson said. “We deserve to be represented by someone every bit as conservative as we are … and that’s me.”

A launch event was held on June 20 at Twisted J Live. The event, attended by family, friends and Cody Johnson for Texas House supporters, included concerts by singer/songwriter Brice Long and Cottonwood Crows.

Cody and his wife, Luann, have three children, Bayli, Tori, and Clay. He is on the board of the Erath First Responders Foundation and a member of the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA).

More information on Cody and his campaign is available at: https://www.facebook.com/CodyJohnsonCampaign/

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