Comanche County Democrats met

Democrats of Comanche County met at 6:30 p.m. on April 8, 2019, at First National Bank in DeLeon. President Thompson called the meeting to order. Nancy Reynolds read the minutes of the April meeting.

President Thompson welcomed attendants from DeLeon, Dublin, Stephenville, Ranger, Eastland, Desdemona and Comanche.

The president reminded those present there was still time to join the Google email group and provided the link. She asked for input on changing the Facebook profile picture and wildflowers was the favored option.

Cathy Gregory of Erath County stressed the importance of Voter Registration and shared information as to training for becoming a voter registrar. All voters are registered regardless of the party they prefer.

The president introduced Cecelia Boswell presenting a program on Grassroots Advocacy. She told of her experience advocating for gifted/talented education and how that applies to all grassroots advocacy.

Vivian Menzel and Sherry Sharp told of their experience meeting face-to-face with state legislators advocating for retired teachers. They found they had friends of teachers for education in the House . House Bill 3 is far from perfect but it did provide improvements and they believed pressure during the sessions made a difference.

President Thompson provided links to The Texas Observer and Texas Tribune for information about Texas law-making. And a link to follow the progress of Texas legislation. Several bills were questioned.

SB 17: People or businesses licensed or otherwise regulated by the State of Texas cannot have their licenses revoked or not renewed for any reason associated with their free exercise of sincerely-held religious beliefs. Exceptions are made for first responders or medical professionals faced with saving a life or preventing bodily harm. Some call this type of bill a “license to discriminate.”

SB 9: Among other things, this bill puts an unreasonable burden on people who give other people rides to polling places. This tactic falls under the category of voter suppression. Regarding Voter Registration Forms, if you knowingly provide false information on the form, the offense goes from a Class B misdemeanor to a state jail felony.

We were advised there is a “Silver Hair Legislation Day” and we will be advised of the date.

Due to the high number of Democratic candidates filing for president, President Thompson suggested at the next meeting we each take a name of one of the candidates, research them and give a report at the next meeting. Some candidates are well known but others are not.

The group was asked if they would be interested in having Pamela Cleveland of the Texas Democratic Convention come to report about it after the Primary in June of 2020.

The next meeting is scheduled for May 13th when our program will be Texas Democratic Party Committeeman Bill Rosenberg of Texas Senate District 24. President Thompson asked us to consider adjourning afterwards to another location for fellowship.

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