Home side 50% capacity: 75 (This includes all players and coaches not participating in the current game.)

Visitor side 50% capacity: 54 (This includes all players and coaches not participating in the current game.)

Home fans must sit on the home side (west side). Visitor fans must sit on the visitors side (east side).

ID Cards required to purchase tickets at gate - both home and visitors.

High School Ticket Prices: $4/adults and $2/students

Junior High School Ticket Prices: $3/adults and $2/students

When 2 games are occurring on the same day, each game will require a different ID Card.

Every person, regardless of age, will be required to have an ID Card to enter.

All Gustine ISD students and staff members must have an ID Card to enter the game. They will still get in free.

District passes will be honored. However, each person will have to have an ID card to enter.

Each Gustine ISD player/manager will be given 4 ID cards in advance to distribute to family and friends. (If they are not going to use their cards or if they have extra cards, they will be asked to bring them to their coach for others to use.)

There may not be extra ID cards available for community distribution. Notice will be placed on Facebook and ParentSquare about availability.

ID Cards will be sent to the visiting team for them to distribute as they see fit. Visiting coaches will be asked to bring any extra ID cards they have to the game in case visiting fans show up without one.

Gym will be cleared between games when more than one game is being played on the same day.

Gym Clearing Procedures

Outside doors will be locked at the start of the 4th quarter of the first game. Fans for the second game will not be allowed to enter the building until sanitizing is complete.

At the end of the game:

Home Fans will exit through the Home Stands door.

Visiting Fans will exit through the cafeteria door and then through the door by Coaches offices.

Fans will not be allowed to wait in the cafeteria for the next game.

Stands will be sprayed with sanitizing sprayers before fans re-enter.

All coaches and players participating in the next game will remain in the locker room until notified that they may get on the court for the next game.

Doors will reopen and entry will be allowed as soon as sanitizing procedures can be completed.

If players and coaches for the second game will be sitting in the stands during the first game, they must be counted in the ID Card count. In order to not be in the ID Card count, these teams must remain in the locker rooms throughout the first game.

The second game will likely start later than the time shown on the schedule.

Fans that have ID Cards for multiple games in one day will not have to pay more than once to enter. Once a fan pays for the first game, a colored band will be placed on their wrist if they intend to enter the later game.

Face masks are required for all fans ages 10 and up.

All fans must remain seated in the bleachers other than to go to the concession stand or restroom.

Children must remain seated with their family.

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