Gustine Tigers District Track Results -- on to Area!

Gustine Tigers Varsity Track Results

By Micaela Murillo and Julisa Lince

The Gustine Tigers and Lady Tiger had their District track meet on March 31st and we are happy to announce that the Lady Tigers finished 3rd as a team and have numerous athletes moving on to the Area meet on April 14th in Blanket. The varsity boys team finished 6th overall and have numerous athletes moving to the area meet as well. Congratulations to all these young folks who worked hard this trac season. Here is the break down for out Tigers who made it to the area meet:

1st place 400m dash- Ashley Gonzales

3rd place 800 m run - Ashley Gonzales

3rd place 1600 m run - Emma Miller

3rd place 3200 m run - Emma Miller

3rd place 4x200 m relay Gloria Lince, Paige Lester, Alondra Valenzuela and Michelle Escamilla

2nd place 4x400 m relay Michelle Escamilla, Paige Lester, Emma Miller and Ashley Gonzalez

4th place long jump - Emma Miller

3rd place shot put - Rachel Creech

1st place discus - Rachel Creech

3rd place high jump - Emma Miller

2nd place 800 m run - Jose Garcia

4th place 4x200 m relay:

Rodrigo Ramirez

Jr. Lopez

Raphael Gonzalez

Osyel Garcia

4th place 4x400 m relay:

Yahir Torquemada

Rodrigo Ramirez

Rapheal Gonzalez

Jose Garcia

3rd place discuss- Jr. Lopez

We also had two young men who competed in th JV division, finished 3rd overall and here are their results:

2nd place 100 m dash- Todd Buckmaster

5th place 200 m dash- Ryder Medina

2nd place 200 m dash- Todd Buckmaster

5th place 200 m dash - Ryder Medina

2nd place 400 m dash - Ryder Medina

3rd place 400 m dash - Todd Buckmaster

3rd place long jump - Todd Buckmaster

5th place long jump - Ryder Medina

Way to go, Tigers!

Gustine Tiger Jr. High District Track meet results

By Emily Sanchez and Daena Carrillo

Results from the March 30 JH district track meet in Zephyr!! Congrats to all the Gustine JH students who ran!!

5th place 200 m dash- Gabriel Patino

6th place 400 m dash - Brenden Seago

4th place 800 m run- Alberto Ramirez

4th place 2400 m run- Teagan Brumbalow

3rd place 4x100 m relay- Alberto Ramirez, Samuel Schuetz, Brenden Seago, and Gabriel Patino.

2nd place 4x400 m relay- Alberto Ramirez, Samuel Schuetz, Brenden Seago, and Gabriel Patino

5th place shot put- Gabriel Patino

2nd place discus- Juan Munoz

3rd place discus- Gabriel Patino

4th place 100 m dash- Brooklyn Sanchez

1st place 400 m dash- Sylvana Mejia

4th place 2400 m run- Melina Torquemada

2nd place 100 m hurdles- Venessa Gomez

3rd place 100 m hurdles- Xaley Ruedas

3rd place 300 m hurdles- Vanessa Gomez

5th place 300 m hurdles- Thea Matthews

2nd place 4x100 m relay- Sylvania Mejia, Katelyn Sanchez, Brooklyn Sanchez, and Sarahy Muniz

2nd place 4x200 m relay- Sarahy Muniz, Katelyn Sanchez, Xaley Ruedas, and Brooklyn Sanchez

2nd place 4x400 m relay- Venessa Gomez, Xaley Ruedas, Sarahy Muniz, and Sylvania Mejia

5th place long jump- Katelyn Sanchez

2nd place shot put- Brooklyn Sanchez

1st place discus- Brooklyn Sanchez

3rd place discus- Xaley Ruedas

4th place high jump- Sylvana Mejia

Congratulations to our Jr High Track Team for doing so well at district!

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