New Comer of the Year & 1st Team Cornerback: #2 Lehman Lindeque, Offensive MVP & 1st Team Line Backer: #33 Mike Lindeque, 1st Team Wide Receiver & 1st Team Safety: #15 Peyton Terpstra, 1st Team Spread Center & 2nd Team Defensive End: #55 Caden Holland, 1st Team Quarterback & 1st Team Defensive End: #25 Jaylon Salinas, 1st Team Offensive Utility Back & 1st Team Defensive Utility Player: #31 Jaxson Rucker, 1st Team Special Teams & 2nd Team Cornerback: #35 Brody Thorp, 2nd Team Spread Center: #24 Tanner Crawford and Honorable Mention: #99 Steven Redden.

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