Sidney Eagles win  52 to 6 vs. Panther Creek

Sidney won last Friday with a score of 52-6 earning their first win in district. The Eagles played well on both sides of the ball and continue to show improvement. The team is excited as they prepare for the next challenge ahead. Come out and support the Eagles as they travel to Rising Star to take on the Wildcats at 7:30. Go Eagles!

Offense: Rushing: Jaylon Salinas: 2 for 14 yds avg. 7, Jaxson Rucker: 6 for 29 avg. 4.8 1 TD, Brody Thorp: 4 for 66 Avg.16.5 1TD, Mike Lindeque: 6 for 83 Avg. 13.8 2 TD, Lehman Lindeque: 1 for 6 yds, Total: 198 rush yds., Avg. 10.4, 4 TDS

Passing: Mike Lindeque: 7 of 11 96 yds 63.6% Avg. 13.7 3TDS

Receiving: Lehman Lindeque: 3 of 5 31 yds Avg. 10.3 2 TDS, Peyton Terpstra: 2 of 3 21 yds Avg. 10.5 1TD, Jaxson Rucker: 2 of 2 44yds. Avg. 22yds

Total Offense: 294 yds, Avg. 9.8 yds, 30 plays, 7 TD, PAT 6 of 7

Defense: Jaxson Rucker: 7 Tackles, Jaylon Salinas: 7 Tackles, 1 onside recovery

Lehman Lindeque: 5 Tackles, 2 Interceptions, Mike Lindeque: 3 Tackles, Brody Thorp: 2 Tackles, 4th Down Stops: 5

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