Speed Stacks Competition at Comanche Elementary:

Comanche Elementary students in grades 3-5 have completed their annual Speed Stacks competition. Each student who entered the competition stacked a sequence consisting of 3-6-3, 6-6, and 1-10-1 patterns using official Speed Stacks cups. The 3 boys and girls from each grade with the fastest times were awarded the following medals: Bottom left to right: 3rd Grade Girls 1st – Andrea Hernandez -26.04

2nd – Isa Bernal-26.07, 3rd – Khloe Rains-26.80,

3rd Grade Boys,1st – C.J. Huerta-25.80, 2nd – Hastin Barker-26.56

3rd – Brody Griffith-27.80,

Middle left to right: 4th Grade Boys, 1st – Cameron Stipes-18.09

2nd – Parker Paxton-19.96, 3rd – Luis Reyes-20.34

4th Grade Girls, 1st – Kylee Hesbrook-18.44, 2nd – Clara Stark-19.81

3rd – Dakota Dudley-20.80

Top left to right: 5th Grade Girls 1st – Jazmyn Sanchez- 12.42

2nd – Maria Alaniz-17.08, 3rd – Josselyn Saldivar-18.10

5th Grade Boys 1st – Ethan Garcia-15.65, 2nd – Elrey Duran-15.88

3rd – Eli Hemmen-20.03

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