Comanche County 4-H youth had the opportunity to showcase their skills in the Food and Nutrition Project this past Saturday during the County Food Show and Food Challenge. The theme chosen this year is Food from Around the World. Nineteen youth from ages 5 to 14 competed in both individual and team cooking events. Individuals compete in Food Show by preparing a dish at home in one of 4 categories. Categories include main dish, fruit/vegetable, bread/cereal, and nutritious snack. Healthy eating is the goal. After choosing their category and dish, the youth prepare to present their dish to a panel of judges. They are asked to know nutritional value, food groups, food safety, food preparation, and if any substitutions can be used to make the dish healthier. After concluding Food Show, youth broke into their teams to begin food challenge. Teams of 3-4 youth are given one main ingredient to build a dish from. They are also given 5 dollars to shop for 3-5 items from the pantry. They are then given 40 minutes to prepare a healthy and creative dish for the panel of judges. 4-H members have been practicing weekly since September to battle it out for the opportunity to advance to the District competition next month in Belton. The 1st place individual in Food Show in each category and age division advances as well as the top two teams in each age division for Food Challenge with the exception of Clover Kids ages Kindergarten to 2nd grade.Youth placings are as follows.

Food Show

Clover Kid participants-Olivia Young, Finley Williams, Faye Whitehead, and Azalee Scott.

Junior Nutritious Snack- 1st Place Ella Plaunty

Junior Bread/Cereal- 1st Place Alayna Rasberry

Intermediate Bread/Cereal- 1st Place Jade Young 2nd Place Allyson Johnson

Intermediate Main Dish- 1st Place Anna Rasberry

2nd Place Sadie Berry

Intermediate Fruit/Vegetable-1st Place Franklin Young

Food Challenge

Clover Kid Participants

Team 1- Finley Williams, Jake Milburn, Olivia Young

Team 2- Azalee Scott, Piper Williams, Hadley Penny, Faye Whitehead

1st Place Junior Team

Master Chefs- Alayna Rasberry, Audrey Wilson, Tinzie Williamson, Ella Plaunty

1st Place Intermediate Team

Cereal Killers- Sadie Berry, Allyson Johnson, Cody DeAx, Tyson DeAx

2nd place Intermediate Team

Darth Taters- Franklin Young, Rose Young, Jade Young, Ayden Williams

Not competing but also advancing uncontested

Senior Team- Mary Moerman, Skylar Sanders, Marki Jones, Masyn Donough.

A very special thank you to our judges Van Christian, Wendy Conway, Helen Hardy, and Laurie Whitney. Also to First United Methodist Church of Comanche for the use of their facilities for practice as well as our competition. We appreciate all you do for our 4-H Youth!

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