Comanche Elementary PE students participated in a five day gymnastics clinic provided by Seal Gymnastics from Early, Tx. All Kindergarten through 5th grade PE classes were given the opportunity to learn tumbling and gymnastics skills from Tim Wade and Kaity Boese, and each class participated in Headstand and Bridge-Up contests throughout the week. Winners from each grade were awarded t-shirts. Bridge-Up Contest Winners: Kindergarten – Creed Stark, Ruby Trujillo; First Grade – Mia Hornsby, Kate Yarborough; Second Grade – Kali Gillette, Lillianna Edwards; Third Grade – Cassie Moore, Olivia Arnold; Fourth Grade – Shanessa Higgins, Joe Behle; Fifth Grade – Ana Esquivel, Ana Carrillo, Austin Luker.

Headstand Contest Winners: Kindergarten – Creed Stark, Alessandra Coronado; First Grade – Abby Ware, Sophie Wilson; Second Grade – Sebastian Liendo, Felipe Mendoza; Third Grade – Cassie Moore, Olivia Arnold; Fourth Grade – Mariah Guerrero, Ryker Seegmiller; Fifth Grade – Tylee Simmons, Tre’Von Wyatt.

Pictured above are Seal Gymnastics contest winners:

Front – Creed Stark, Ruby Trujillo, Mia Hornsby, Kate Yarborough, Abby Ware, Sophie Wilson, Row 2 – Kali Gillette, Lillianna Edwards, Sebastian Liendo, Felipe Mendoza, Olivia Arnold, Cassie Moore, Row 3 – Shanessa Higgins, Joey Behle, Mariah Guerrero, Ryker Seegmiller, Back – Ms. Ferrell, Ana Esquivel, Ana Carrillo, Austin Luker, Tre’Von Wyatt, Not pictured: Tylee Simmons, Alessandra Coronado

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