On Saturday, November 2, 2019, 12 HR Jefferies Junior High Band Students traveled to Stephenville and participated in the Region 7 South Zone All-Region JH Band Auditions. Students from schools all across the area, including Brownwood, Stephenville, Eastland, and others, took part in the auditions, trying to earn a spot in one of the two All-Region bands. The top 80 students made the Symphonic Band and the next 80 students made the Concert Band. Of the 12 Comanche students that auditioned, 10 earned a place in the bands and the other 2 are First Alternates.

Here are the results: Kaeleigh Raines - 6th Chair Clarinet, Symphonic Hannah McDaniel - 3rd, Chair Tuba, Symphonic Illiana Ledesma - 1st Chair Flute, Concert Mia Duran - 2nd Chair Flute, Concert Presley Wallace - 4th Chair Flute, Concert Rose Young - 15th Chair Clarinet, Concert Yazlyn Godinez - 1st Chair Trumpet, Concert Giselle Esquivel - 2nd Chair Trumpet, Concert, Issac Morales - 2nd Chair Tenor Sax, Concert Mia Lopez - 3rd Chair Tuba, Concert Presten O’Dell - First Alternate Tuba Landon Deters - First Alternate Percussion.

Band directors for Comanche ISD are Brad Roberts and Travis Bryant. “I am very proud of our students,” said Mr. Bryant. “They worked very hard since school started to learn scales and some challenging music for the auditions and their hard work has paid off. This was a great day for the Comanche Band Program and these students are our future. I believe there are some exciting days ahead for us!”

All the students that made either the Symphonic Band or Concert Band will gather together for rehearsal on Saturday, January 18, 2020 at Tarleton State University in Stephenville. They will then present a concert that evening for the public. All family and friends are invited to attend.

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